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Featuring advanced Bluetooth 5.1 and wielding the audio power of full TWS dual wireless stereo, BLXBuds provide Best-in-Class performance at a price so reasonable you won’t believe it! With a play time of 4.5 hours, the BLXBuds provide an incredible audio range of 20 Hz to 20 KHz – you’ll hear every sound from the lowest bass drum to the highest pitched singer!
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Rated Excellent
The latest Bluetooth version 5.1 provides the ultimate in reliable connection to your device without draining your battery.
With a frequency response range of 20 Hz to 20 KHz, you’ll hear the best bits of music you never heard before.
Small, medium, and large ear inserts provide unparalleled comfort for extended listening times.
Features microphones on each earpiece to enjoy the highest quality audio on phone calls.
BLXBuds Have All the Features You Need Most!
Dual Microphone Design
Includes a microphone in each earpiece for the highest quality phone calls, Zoom sessions, and video chat.
World Class Comfort
BLXBuds feature small, medium, and large ear tips, allowing you to get a perfect, comfortable fit.
4.5 Hour Runtime
The generous 4.5 hour runtime means you can keep on going instead of stopping to charge your batteries.
Designed for Active People
With their perfect fit and long running time, BLXBuds are ideal for people who jog, bike, do yoga, or any other kind of physical exercise.
Secure Charging Case
Not only does the case keep your earbuds safe and secure, the double duty rechargeable case can also recharge your earbuds.
One Touch Control
One simple button lets you answer and hang up calls, Play/Pause, call someone back, or skip to previous or next song.
BLXBuds feature Bluetooth 5.1 to give you the fastest connection speeds at the lowest levels of power consumption. BLXBuds feature dual independent Bluetooth connections to provide the highest quality, True Stereo audio imaging.
Most of us use more than one device. Whether it’s a laptop, tablet, or a phone, BLXBuds will pair effortlessly with all of them.
After spending a small fortune on your mobile device, why would you accept inferior sound quality? You shouldn’t! Make sure you get the highest quality sound there is by using BLXBuds.
The case for BLXBuds not only holds and protects your pair of BLXBuds, it also charges them. It is also chargeable itself and can be used to charge your earbuds as well.
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What Satisfied Customers Had to Say
Amazing Fit and Comfort!
Tara K.
Wed Mar 03 2021 09:24:16 GMT+0700 (Giờ Đông Dương)
Not only do the BLXBuds sound terrific, but they are the most comfortable earbuds I’ve ever used! My ears used to ache after just a few hours wearing earbuds, but I can wear my BLXBuds all day in total comfort!
Yes, I recommend this product.
High Fidelity Sound at a Reasonable Price
Alfie S.
Wed Mar 03 2021 09:24:16 GMT+0700 (Giờ Đông Dương)
I love the sound of quality earbuds but the price was always out of my reach. Thank goodness for the BLXBuds – they sound just as good as expensive earbuds, but at a price I can afford!
Yes, I recommend this product.
Fantastic for my Workouts!
Lisa Z.
Wed Mar 03 2021 09:24:16 GMT+0700 (Giờ Đông Dương)
My physical appearance is very important to me so I’m working out all the time. Unlike some other earbuds I’ve used (and lost!), the BLXBuds stay firmly in my ears while I’m jogging or bicycling.
Yes, I recommend this product.
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We Know You’ll Love Your BLXBuds!
We Know You’ll Love Your BLXBuds!
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What is True Wireless Stereo TWS?
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“True Wireless” earbuds have a piece you put in each ear, with no wires between them, and no wires to the audio source. While wireless allows us to wear headphones a few feet away from our music players, True Wireless cuts the cord between the headphones/earphones, giving you true freedom.

What’s the music quality like with true wireless earphones? 
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Bluetooth has improved drastically since its debut, and true wireless earphones can now receive CD-quality audio.

What is the Battery Life for BLXBuds?
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BLXBuds feature a generous 4.5 hour runtime.

How Long Does it Take to Charge BLXBuds?
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The charging case takes about an hour and a half to charge. The BLXBuds themselves take only an hour to fully charge.